Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Selby

You guys have to check out this website, The Selby, that Larissa sent me. It's an inside look at different people's apartments. Click on the photos to see more/read interviews with the inhabitants. I'm addicted!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Golden Age...

I am completely transfixed by the artwork from “The Golden Age of Illustration, which was a period of “unprecedented excellence in book and magazine illustration.” The amazing dreamlike creations of illustrators like Arthur Rackham, Aubrey Beardsley, Edmund Dulac, Kay Nielsen are always an inspiration. Not to mention they are beautiful and creepy which is a combination I adore. I’m particularly in awe of the color combinations in Edmund Dulac’s illustrations. I would love to somehow translate these color pallets into my décor.

My Eyes Are Green 'Cause I Eat A Lot of Vegetables...

I forgot to add that I’m a green addict, so all of the kitchen accessories are leaf green. Seriously, it's an illness. I see green and I have to have it. I have Max to thank for the lovely Le Creuset set. Thanks, babe! However, the leaf green does further complicate the color issue with the rose beige tile. Lily Pulitzer kitchen anyone?

My first little piece of Vaseline Glass which I adore. It gets it's glow from the actual uranium in it so I like to keep it close to my vital organs.
I mean come on... look at the darling fruit basket. $7 at Pearl River Mart.

Witch's Kitchen

There are four main rooms in my apartment. You enter through the Kitchen so I’ve decided to start there, besides the kitchen is really the heart and soul of any home, and I can’t start cooking delicious meals for you guys until it is set up. I REALLY want it to be spectacular. Unfortunately, my landlord decided to tile the bottom half of one entire wall, and the sink niche with rose beige tile. Actually, rose beige is too kind…. If it were a paint chip it would have a name like “corpse tongue.” So I’m left to find a paint color to compliment the devil tile… or do I embrace it and match the walls to the tile? Thoughts?

Brooklyn Railroad

Finally, my own apartment! A few months ago, I moved out of a lovely (yet dilapidated) brownstone in the West Village of Manhattan that I shared with three amazing girls and into a one bedroom railroad apartment in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. As someone in the interior design profession, but still relatively new to it, I thought it would be fun to chronicle the exciting yet sometimes frustrating process of decorating an apartment. I also want to share inspirational images and I hope that you will send me images and links to websites that inspire all of you too. A shout out to Chris Pastor who inspired me to start this blog after reading the lovely http://threegracesofbrooklyn.blogspot.com/. Thanks, Chris!