Monday, March 23, 2009

Satin Quilts

Indicative of that Hollywood Style, there's something dreamy (ok, and maybe a little granny?) about a satin quilt coverlet. Just be careful not to slip off the other side of the bed when you jump on. Leontine Lines has an amazing assortment of colors and patterns if you can spend $4000 on a quilt. Here is their chocolate quilt:

but I found this "truffle" colored quilt on Brocade Home's website on sale for $89! Recesh Spesh!

The Shortest Wavelength

Bedroom - by jcraver on

So here is my bedroom color scheme. I'm in love with the purple gray walls combined with dark brown of the ceramic lamp, the sheen of the truffle bedspread, and the sparkling silver of the mirrored wall sconce. I'd like to introduce some orchid into the palette as well.