Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Magical Mystery of Natural History!

I discovered Kelly O’Neal and the Design Legacy team last month at the New York International Gift Fair. They use Natural History illustrations to make a slew of products including throw pillows, fabric, and wall hangings. Very cool! Here are some of my favorites.


Victoria said...

Love the throw pillows! Would work great with my woodland creatures meets wiener dogs theme I have going on.

Ashe said...

I remember these! Aw, John- this makes me miss you!! And our shared bottles of wine after work at Ms. Clare's boarding house! ;)

MissNike said...

Hey y'all! Every Design Legacy design you're showing has been stolen from local artists here in Dallas, by company owner Kelly 'I Steal, So What?' O'Neal (known locally as Kelly O'Steal). Don't you do any research on the people and items you promote? Googling 'kelly o'neal + swindler' or 'desighn legacy + thieves' would have pulled up numerous complaints from dozens of artists (complaintsboard.com alone has over 100, including O'Neal's unbalanced ravings). Anthropologie, Neiman-Marcus and The Horchow Collection have dropped and now refuse to carry his stolen goods and WashingtonSpaces.com just deleted pics similar to yours last week after they did further research on this scam company. Shame on you for promoting theft from artists!